Gillian McGrath Executive Director, North West Regional Immigration services

September 27, 2022
The customization they have been willing and able to provide us has been outstanding

North West Regional Immigration services have been pleased to engage with CARMIS over the past six months. We are a non-profit agency in rural Manitoba operating out of two offices in Swan River and The Pas, which are 230km apart.
We serve all newcomers in our towns and the surrounding areas, providing assessments, settlement advice, information and orientation to our clients as well as providing a settlement worker in school service to our two school districts. Our client's catchment area is large. We needed a better database system that would work across our sites and differentiate between our offices and our multiple funding programs while being easy for staff to adapt to.

We chose CARMIS after looking at several different companies, and CARMIS has provided the solution we were looking for.

We have found the CARMIS staff to be very professional and helpful as well as quick and efficient when dealing with queries.  We have found them willing to listen to our specific database needs and to work with us to provide a system tailored to our own needs that work for us. 

The database allows us to record information and case notes for all our clients, regardless of how they are funded. 

They have worked closely with us to give us the type of analytical reports with information that we need to report on to our funders and to our board – not an easy task as everyone wants different information from us.  Before CARMIS, we used multiple excel sheets to pick out information for the various reports – now CARMIS can just run the reports in the way we want for whomever we are writing them for.  Our uploads to iCARE have improved in accuracy, with the report in CARMIS highlighting any errors in the data we have entered before it is uploaded.  Streamlining our reporting processes has saved us valuable time each month's end. 

We have been delighted with our choice of CARMIS to help us update our processes and would highly recommend them to help you solve your data needs.  We look forward to a long and productive relationship with them.