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How to upload documents

In CARMIS, users can upload and update documents, enhancing file management efficiency. Documents can be managed across various forms in the system. Additionally, there's a centralized location, the "Documents (130)" form, where all documents are collectively accessible for management. The guide specifically uses the "Clients (Profile) (28)" form as an example to demonstrate updating client documents, providing a practical illustration of the process.

How to Upload Documents

Step 1: Using the top navigation menu, navigate to the Clients > Clients (Profile) (28) form.

Step 2: To upload documents in the system, you first need to search the specific client file where the documents will be uploaded.
For detailed instructions on how to search for an existing client, please refer to our comprehensive guide: How to search for an existing client guide.

Step 3: Once you have found the client file, go to the "Documents" tab within that file's form. Here, you will see several fields. These fields are designed to help you manage and view the client's documents more effectively.
Step 4: Now to upload a document, click on "Update" from the toolbar and then return to the "Documents" tab.
Step 5: Click on the "Browse" button to choose documents for uploading. Keep in mind that each file you select should not exceed a 10 MB size limit.
When you're browsing files, you have the option to view them in either an icon format or a detailed list. To select a file, simply double-click on it. Keep in mind that the system establishes a secure link with your local file structure, which might result in a slight delay during this process.
Note: CARMIS is compatible with a range of file types for document uploads. These include various formats like PDFs, Microsoft Word documents (Doc, Docx), Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (xls, xlsx), and different image files (jpg, jpeg, png, tiff).
To rename a file in CARMIS after selecting it for upload, simply enter the new name you want for the file into the same text box.
Step 6: After selecting your file, you have the option to categorize it by type. Using the "Type" field dropdown you can choose the category that best describes your document.

Step 7: In the "Comments" field, you have the option to add comments or extra details about the document you've uploaded. This field allows a maximum of 50 characters. For instance, you might add a note like "Document Verified" to provide additional context or status about the document.
This feature is useful for brief remarks or identifiers for the uploaded document.

Step 8: Once you are done with your selection, please click on the "+" sign as shown below. Clicking + will add the file to the upload queue and will add a document card to the display. You can repeat steps 5-8 to add multiple documents as needed.

Step 9: Click on "Save" to upload the document(s) to the client profile.
Note: Cancelling or exiting the form without saving will result in all entered information being lost.

To manage the uploaded documents please follow this guide How to effectively manage your documents after uploading in CARMIS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to undo a file that has been added to the panel, before pressing save?
To remove a file you've selected for upload, simply click the "x" icon next to that file. This action will immediately delete the file from the upload queue, ensuring it is not included when you save and complete the upload process.

Q: How to search the documents?
You can type in the name of the document in the search bar, then click the adjacent magnifying glass to display the searched document. This function performs a search within both uploaded and queued document cards.


Q: What is the purpose of the "Expand All" and "Collapse All" buttons?
The 'Expand All' button is designed to help users effortlessly view all subsections or content of a document card, ensuring easy and comprehensive access. On the other hand, the 'Collapse All' button allows for a tidier and more organized interface by hiding these sections, making navigation simpler and more streamlined.

Q: What are the additional forms in CARMIS to manage documents?
Besides Client Profile (28) form, the management of documents can be done through other forms across CARMIS, such as:
  • Documents (130) form
  • Waitlist (20) form
  • Moving Checklist (191) form
  • Assessments - documents function can be added to any organizational specific assessment form if available to your organization. Please reach out to the Support for more details.

Q: What could be the reason for experiencing slowness while browsing files in the system?
Please know that the system establishes a secure link with your local file structure, which might result in a slight delay during this process.

Q:Why isn't the download button appearing on some of my documents?
The download button only appears for files that have already been uploaded. If you are not seeing the download button, it means the document is still in the upload queue. This will only be processed after you press the 'Save' button.

Q: The document type I need to add isn't listed in the dropdown menu. How should I proceed?
If the document type you need is a common one within your organization or program, CARMIS administrators can add it for you. They can do this by navigating to Admin > Masters > Document Uploads > Document Types (529).

For document types that are not frequently used, you can select the "Other" category from the dropdown menu. This allows you to specify a custom name for your document along with any relevant comments.

Q: What is the maximum number of files I can upload at once?
A: You can upload a maximum of 10 files at once.

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