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How to perform a move-in or move-out

If your agency uses the CARMIS Room Manager / Housing module, this article will provide instructions for moving tenants in/out of rooms. If your agency does not use the Housing module, or if the client is not currently a tenant, then please instead see How to update the address of a client.

  1. Your account/agency will need to have the Room Manager / Housing module enabled.
Methods: client addresses can be updated in the housing module through two methods:
  1. Via a regular client address update using the Clients (28) form.
    • This would mostly follow the same steps as the following guide: How to update the address of a client.
    • At the stage where you enter address details, you would select "New Address", then enter the move date, room number, and building.
  2. Via the Rooms Dashboard (described below)

Move-ins/Move-outs Via Rooms Dashboard

Step 1: The first step in this method is to navigate to the Room Manager > Rooms Dashboard (187) form.

Step 2: You will notice the dashboard contains a table displaying all rooms.

Navigate to the room that you would like to perform the move-in or move-out for, then click on either the move-in or move-out button from the right side of the row.

After clicking one of the buttons, the "Find Clients Popup" will appear. Its text will change slightly depending on if you are doing a move-in or move-out.
Step 3 (move-ins only): For move-outs, skip to step 4. For move-ins you will need to perform a search to select the client you would like to move in. This is very similar to the regular client profile search (described in our guide: How to search for an existing client).

  1. If this is a move-in, click Search to begin the process of selecting which tenant to move in.
  1. Using the top set of fields, enter your search criteria, then click the "Search" button near the bottom to perform the search.
  1. You should now be viewing the client that you would like to move in to the room, and you should see "Inquiring Record" near the top.
Step 4: At this point, the client has been selected and you are ready to update their address. Click Update from the toolbar.

Once Update has been clicked, the form will enter Update mode. The move date will default to today, but you can specify it further.

  • For move-ins: Move Date will be the only editable field.
  • For move-outs: Move Date will be editable, and a new address can be optionally entered.
Step 5: Once the address details have been updated, click Save. This will complete the move-in or move-out process. The client's new address will now be visible from their client profile as well as from the Room Dashboard.

Additional Notes
  • A single move-in or move-out operation will move all members of a family file at once.
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