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How to install CARMIS on Windows devices

This article is for Windows desktop devices. To access CARMIS via Mac or a web browser, please see these articles instead: How to install CARMIS on MacHow to access CARMIS using a browser.

If you experience any difficulties during this installation, please see our section on Troubleshooting.

Before you start: If you generally need an administrator to help with installations on your device, then an administrator may be needed at steps 5-6.

Step 1: Begin by downloading the CARMIS client. Please click the following link: Client Installation File.

Step 2: This link will bring you to the below menu.

On this menu, click on Parallels Client (Windows) 64-bit Setup. You can find this option under WindowsMSI installers. If necessary, you can use the 32-bit Setup if you are using a 32-bit device.

Step 3: The installation file will begin downloading. If you are asked to “Keep” or “Discard”, click on "Keep" to proceed with the installation.
Step 4: Once the file is downloaded, you can open it either from your browser directly or from the “Downloads” folder on your computer.
Step 5: The setup wizard will appear. You can click Next on the various installation screens. No changes to the settings are necessary.
There will be one screen for Single Sign-On. Ensure that Do not install Single Sign-On component is selected.
Step 6: Once the installation is complete, check the box beside Launch Parallels Client, then click Finish to exit the Setup Wizard.
Step 7: The Parallels Client will now launch. Click on Create Connection to proceed.
Step 8: The below screen will appear. Enter cloud.carmis.ca and click "Next" to continue.

Step 9: You will now be asked to provide more details. Please ensure the following settings are set:

  1. Server: cloud.carmis.ca
  2. Connection Mode: Gateway SSL Mode
  3. Friendly name: CARMIS
Once these fields have been set, click "Next".

Step 10: Now the login screen will appear. Please see the email sent by CARMIS for your username and password.

Once your CARMIS username and password have been entered, click "Connect" to proceed.

Step 11: If a CARMIS icon appears on your screen, this marks the completion of your installation. You will find that a CARMIS icon has been added to your desktop, which you can use to access CARMIS in the future.

Troubleshooting / Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am getting issues before step 7 / the screens look completely different from the guide.
A: You may have downloaded the wrong installer. We recommend closing Parallels Client and/or the Setup Wizard and starting back from step 1 with a fresh installer.

Q: I am getting error messages about my username/password.
A: Please ensure both your username and password match the email you received from CARMIS. We recommend typing your username and password manually instead of copying and pasting.

Q: I am getting a message about being locked out of my account.
A: Your account may have become locked due to too many unsuccessful password attempts. Please contact your supervisor/administrator to receive a password reset.

Q: Something went wrong, and I would like to start back at step 7.
A: You can start back at step 7 via the following steps:

  1. Click on the three lines at the top left of Parallels Client
2. Right-click on any connections displayed, then click Delete Connection.

Q: I accidentally deleted the CARMIS icon from my desktop and would like to get it back.
Please see the following steps:
1. Open the Parallels Client application
2. Click "All Apps" in Parallels Client
3. Right-click on CARMIS, then select "Create shortcut on desktop"

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