CARMIS is a Complete Solution for Non-Profit and Social-Service Organizations

Focus on what you do best, and let CARMIS do the rest. CARMIS is the end-to-end software solution built for non-profits like yours.

Housing & Shelters

Do you offer housing/accommodation services, temporary housing or shelter services? And do you face challenges in knowing/reporting occupancy statuses?
With CARMIS, you can manage beds, accommodations and other budgets for any housing or shelter services offered to clients. You can also plan expected move-outs and report occupancy statuses. Store the agreements online within the documents management.

Employment Services

Do you offer employment training and/or placement services to clients?
CARMIS allows you to create client's resume and interests with NOC codes, manage employers/companies, perform client matching and even manage international immigration/recruitment missions. The employment services module or CARMIS is compatible with IRCC's iCARE bulk uploads. Provincial funder's reporting is also available.

Programmes & Attendance

Do you operate programs that require logging attendance and produce reports on clients participations?
With CARMIS, you can manage group-based programmes such as: After-School programmes, conversation circles, citizenship preparation, employability skills classes etc.; match and enroll clients, enabling better sales and enrolments your services; record attendance in real-time as well as via paper; generate attendance records; automatically synchronize with iCARE and funders reporting; and more adapting to your business workflows!

Needs Assessments & Surveys

Do you face issues in managing survey results through use of multiple independent tools and databases?
Dynamic forms builder of CARMIS allows you to organize and prepare survey questionnaires on the fly. You can gather survey results/data directly within CARMIS through either SurveyMonkey or your website; and generate meaningful outcomes based reports.

Multiple Funders Approach

With CARMIS, you can manage programs for multiple funders across various departments in the agency. The Case Management and Events/Programmes module allows staff to manage clients across the programs. All applicable enterprise-wide activities are reported for the funder's reports.

Tasks & Workflows Automation

Create outcomes based service plans for the clients and automate your workflows
Conduct Needs Assessment surveys, plan follow-up activities, pre-schedule tasks and appointments, receive reminders, send appointments online, and log case-notes for the activities completed. CARMIS enables your staff to focus on core services by automating the administrative functions.


Fully configurable, customizable and adaptable to agencies requirements


Collaborate with your clients and develop outcomes based actionable plans and reports


Intuitive user interfaces enhance the experiences and provide early adoption by users


Hosted on a stable and high-available Microsoft Azure Cloud with multiple levels of security

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Unsure about CARMIS for your organization?

If you are unsure about value if CARMIS for your organization, then you should ask yourself following questions.

Do I need records of information about prospective donors, funders and clients?

Does that information live in many different places?

Is it becoming difficult to manage my data?

Do my clients regularly interact with multiple people on my team?

Do I need a better way to measure my team’s productivity and progress?

Does my funder require hefty reports at the end of a fiscal year?

Is my team slowing down because they have to jump between different places to find the data?

CARMIS will resolve these questions, and enhance your organizational efficiency.

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A Case Management Solution which simplifies usability for your Staff and enhances Client experience.