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User and Licence Management

This article is only applicable to administrators. This article will show how administrators can add, update, and deactive user accounts, as well as assign or remove licences.


Adding/Updating User Profiles
User Profiles can be updated via the Update and Add toolbar buttons respectively. This process is very similar to adding or updating client profiles. (see: How to add a Client Profile).
When adding a user, it is important to set their user role and department. This can be done via the User Rights tab. This will determine which forms they have access to and what actions they can take on those forms. If you are not sure which role or department to assign, then you can get an idea by viewing the departments and roles of existing users.

How to Reset a User's Password

It is possible for administrators to reset the passwords of user accounts and to send them their credentials by email. (e.g. if a user forgets their password)

Step 1: Navigate to the user’s profile

Step 2: Once viewing the user, click on Update

Step 3: From the Personal tab, click on Generate Pass to change their password. A password change will unlock the user’s account if it is locked.
Step 4: Click Save
Step 5: Click “Email User Details” from the bottom left so the user receives an email with their new credentials.
The password change may take a few minutes to fully process

How to Add or Remove a User's Licence
Note that only accounts with licences are able to use CARMIS.
Step 1: Navigate to the user’s profile

Step 2: View the Licence tab of the user
To remove an assigned licence: Click on "Remove". This will free up the licence to be applied to another user.

To assign a licence: Click on "Assign". It is only possible to assign a licence if there is a licence available to be assigned.

Deactivating a User's Account
For data integrity reasons, CARMIS does not allow the outright deletion of client profiles. Instead, the process for removing old/past users is to remove their CARMIS licence and remove their role/department.

Step 1: Navigate to the user’s profile

Step 2: Remove the user's licence. This will restrict access to the account and will free the licence for other accounts to use.

Step 3: Click Update.
Step 4: From the User Rights tab, set the user’s role to “none”. This will ensure that even if the account is re-assigned a licence in the future, it will not have permissions to view sensitive data or make changes.
Step 5: Click Save

Viewing the Number of Remaining Licences
Step 1: To start, go to Admin > User Management > Licences Usage Report (760)
Step 2: Once the report is open, click on "Show Report" at the bottom left to generate the report.
Step 3: A display will appear at the bottom left (in addition to the main report). This display will show how many CARMIS licences have been assigned and how many are remaining.
Step 4: (Optional) You can view additional details in the main generated report.

Step 5: (Optional) If you need more licences, there are two ways to obtain more:
    Option 1: You can remove a licence from an inactive account. Steps for removing a licence can be found here.
    Option 2: You can also contact us at info@nsdtech.com if you would like to increase the number of licences in your agency's contract.
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