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How to request and manage support tickets

The Create and Manage Tickets module enables administrators to submit tickets for questions, bug reports, enhancement requests, or feature requests related to CARMIS. The CARMIS Team will then review the ticket and implement the necessary changes.

How to Create A Ticket

You can now report errors, bugs, ask questions, and suggest future features using the ticket module. Previously, this would be emailed to the CARMIS support team, but now you can directly send a ticket through the ticket module.

The ticket module is intended for users or for some agencies only super users to make and submit tickets. 

Step 1: Using the top navigation menu, navigate to Operations > Support Tickets and Requests > Create and Manage Tickets (282).
This will open the ticket window as shown below.
Step 2: Select Add on the navigation bar.
Step 3: Enter the information for mandatory fields that are labelled in red, and optional fields will be labelled in black. Please note, you may see some fields that may not be visible or editable during add mode. These fields are for the CARMIS support team to fill in, for example, "Status" field.
CARMIS will send email notifications to users chosen in the "Send Notifications to" field. You can choose one or multiple users to receive the email notification.
You can also add documents such as pictures and files to the ticket by click on Documents tab. If you are unfamiliar with adding documents, please follow steps 5 and onwards in how to upload documents
Step 4: Once all mandatory fields have been filled out, click on Save located at the bottom of the window.

How to View A Ticket

There are two options you can use to search for a ticket in Create and Manage Tickets module.
Option 1: The List button.
The list window will provide you with all the tickets. You can add filters to find the ticket you are looking for.

How to Send a Communication

The "Send a Communication" button is used for communicating with the CARMIS Support team through CARMIS while they are working on the ticket.
Step 1: Navigate to Create and Manage Tickets.
Step 2: Select Send a Communication on bottom left of the window.
This will open the upload window as shown below.
In this window, you can also attach documents when sending a communication. Please note, the document(s) you attach will also be shown on the main documents tab in the ticket as well, additionally you may see some fields that may not be editable during add mode. These fields are for the CARMIS support team to fill in, for example, "Ticket Status" field.
Step 3: Once you are done entering desired text, click on Save located at the bottom of the window.
Step 4: Once you are back at the main Ticket window, select the Communications tab.

Step 5: In this tab you can track the progress and updates for this ticket. Each time a communication is made, it will be recorded here and placed at the top of the list.

For instance, the yellow highlighted box is an example of an newly added communication. The bottom row in this list represents the initial ticket request, illustrated by the red highlighted box.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who all can send a support ticket?
A: If you are a user without administrative privileges and wish to submit a support ticket, please contact your administrator. The administrator can then submit the ticket on your behalf, clearly indicating this by utilizing the "Submitted on behalf of" field. This process ensures that all users have a channel to raise their issues, while maintaining a structured and manageable ticketing system.

Q: How do I stop sending email notifications?
A: To stop sending email notifications, simply enter Update mode on your ticket of choice. select the drop-down for "Send Notifications to" and uncheck the members you don't want to send a email notification too.

Q: Can CARMIS Support update tickets?
A: CARMIS Support team will review the ticket once a submission is made, they will then update the status of the ticket, priority, planned completion and what date the ticket was closed on. The support will use the communication tabs to show progress on the ticket.

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