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How to record non-client services

Some organizations will have tasks performed by staff members that do not relate to any particular client. This article will describe how you can record these types of services.

How to Add a Non-Client Case Note
Step 1: Using the top navigation menu, navigate to My Account > My Case Notes (non-client) (430).
This will open the My Case Notes form shown below.
Step 2: Click Add from the toolbar.
Step 3: You can now begin entering information about the non-client service performed.
Step 4: Once all changes have been completed, click Save. Note: Cancelling or exiting without saving will discard all changes.

How to Search for a Non-Client Case Note
After navigating to the My Case Notes form, begin by clicking Search from the toolbar.
Then click on the question mark "?" button next to the CARMIS Emp. Code field to display the list of users whose non-client service records you have access to. You will have access to your own case notes, plus anyone who falls under your reporting authority.
As an example, a Program Director who has a team lead and counsellor under their reporting authority would see something similar to the following:

How to Update a Non-Client Case Note
Step 1: After navigating to the My Case Notes form, double-click on the case note you would like to edit.
This will open the case note.
Step 2: To begin editing, click Update
Step 3: Once you have made your changes, click Save.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I add more activities to choose from?
CARMIS administrators can add more activities via the Agency Activities (156) form. The new activity would need to fall under the Non-client Services program and would need to be applicable for One to One/Family Services.

How do I set up a reporting hierarchy for my agency?
CARMIS Administrators can configure their agency's reporting hierarchy via the Employee Profiles (750) form. Each employee profile has a Reporting To field that can be set to one or more people.

What defines someone's reporting authority?
A user's reporting authority consists of the people who report to them, either directly or indirectly. As an example, if a counsellor directly reports to a manager, and if the manager directly reports to the executive director, that means the counsellor indirectly reports to the executive director.

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