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Generating IRCC Bulk Uploads

CARMIS allows you to generate bulk uploads based on client and service information and submit them IRCC/iCARE. These files can be submitted via iCARE's website.

Please Note: We recommend always submitting a Client Profile bulk upload prior to submitting other types of bulk uploads. This will update iCARE's records and will prevent most file rejections.

Step 1: Navigate to "Bulk Upload - IRCC" from the menu, then select the desired bulk upload.
Step 2: Once a bulk upload form has been opened, you will see the following: Choose Program, As Of, and Generate iCARE.
Step 3: In the Choose Program field, select the program(s) you would like to generate a report for.
Step 4: In the "As Of" field, select a date. Service records shown in the report will include all unsubmitted records that were made on or before this date.
Note: it is recommended to perform bulk uploads monthly.
Step 5: Click on the "Generate iCARE" button. A report will be generated similar to the one below.
Step 6: Make any final corrections/changes to the data.
  1. If CARMIS has detected missing/corrupt data, it will be shown in yellow and red. Yellow indicates that the row has one or more missing/corrupt fields, while red is used to indicate the fields themselves.
  1. If you find a row you would like to change, you can:
    • Click on the first cell (column A) of the row to change client-related information
    • Click on the second cell (column B) of the row to change record-related information

    Note that these changes will apply across CARMIS.

  1. After making any changes, make sure to click the "Refresh Data" button from the bottom of the form to so it re-generates with the updated information.
If you are unable to fix missing/corrupted information for some records, you can still proceed with the bulk upload. Those specific records will simply not be included in the upload, will not be marked as submitted, and can be fixed at a later date.

Step 7: (Optional) Preview the report.
  1. You can preview your changes with the "iCARE Draft" button.
    Note: Use the "iCARE Draft" button for previews only. When it comes to the final version that you are submitting to iCARE, use the "iCARE Final - To Upload" button.
  1. Your web browser will open automatically, and an Excel version of the report will be downloaded.
  1. If you notice any data you would like to change in the preview report, first return to CARMIS to make the changes there (see step 6).
  1. Once you are satisfied with the report, return to CARMIS and proceed to step 8.

Step 8: To generate the final report, click on "iCARE Final - To Upload". This is important: if this button is not pressed, the service records will not be flagged as "submitted" and will show up in future bulk uploads and data might be duplicated.

Step 9: Generate any other bulk uploads that you are planning to submit.

We recommend always submitting a Client Profile bulk upload prior to submitting other types of bulk uploads. This will update iCARE's records and will prevent most file rejections.

Step 10: Submit the final excel file(s) to IRCC. Click on Bulk Upload > IRCC from the menu bar, and then on "Upload to iCARE (159)". From there, you will be directed to IRCC's website where you can submit your report.
Important: One hour after report submission, return to the IRCC iCARE website to ensure all records were successfully uploaded to IRCC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Client Profile bulk upload need to be submitted first?
Part of iCARE's validation process involves comparing its client profile data to service data. Uploading the Client Profile bulk upload first will update iCARE's internal client records, which will prevent rejections related to missing or mismatching client profile information.

Why do some clients appear in bulk uploads after their bulk uploads were already submitted?
The Client Profile bulk upload will contain any new or updated clients. If a client's profile was updated recently, then they may appear in the next bulk upload if any IRCC-specific information was changed.

Why do my bulk uploads appear empty?
In most cases, this is due to a bulk upload having been performed recently. When the Final - To Upload function generates a bulk upload, it marks any included records as "submitted". Submitted records are omitted from future bulk uploads.

Why are specific records not appearing in bulk uploads?

Please check the following:

  • For one-on-one services or assessments, please ensure the record is marked as Completed instead of Ongoing.
  • Check the Program and Activity of the record. Some programs and activities may not be IRCC-funded.
  • Check the Status in Canada (Immigration Status) of the related client. Some statuses may not be IRCC-funded.

I have an issue that isn't covered in this article - how can it be resolved?
If you are having an ongoing issue with bulk uploads that isn't addressed in this article, please contact us at support@nsdtech.com.

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