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How to customize file selection

The file selection in CARMIS provides various options to customize and simplify the access to files / folders. You can also change how the data is presented to you.

How to Change File View Modes

Step 1: You can change the view in the file browser by either clicking on Icon View or Details View.
Icon View:
Details View:

How to Set a Folder Location As A Favorite

Step 1: Navigate to the desired folder that you would like to set as a favorite.
Step 2: Once you are in the desired folder that you want as a favorite, simply click on the "Star" icon as indicated in the red box in the image below.
Step 3: Once clicked, you will notice the "Star" icon will change. The folder will also appear under "Favorites" in the left side navigation.
Please note, you can only favorite folder path(s). You cannot favorite a folder that appears in left navigation as - Desktop, Downloads, Documents.
Alternative Option: Once you have navigated to the desired folder, you may also use the mouse right-click. You will see a additional/context menu. You can choose "Add this location to Favorites" to add folder as Favorite.

How to Set a New Desktop/Downloads/Documents Folders

CARMIS adheres to the Microsoft Windows default standards when setting default paths for Desktop, Downloads and Documents. However, it is important to note that these defaults may not align with the unique default locations set within your organization.
You can easily customize these file locations in CARMIS file selection window.
Step 1: Navigate to the folder you wish to designate as your new location for either Desktop, Documents or Downloads.
Step 2: Once you are in the desired folder, simply right-click within the window and select the appropriate option to establish it as your new file location.
This flexibility allows you to tailor CARMIS to better fit your organizational needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: We use Microsoft Teams in our organization. How can we easily upload documents into CARMIS from MS Teams?
To upload documents from MS Teams, you will first need to sync files from your organization's MS Teams to your computer. Once synchronized, you can add your MS Teams folder as a Favorite. 

Q: Can we upload documents from cloud services such as Google, iCloud, Dropbox etc?
To upload documents from a cloud drive, you will first need to install its application to your computer and synchronize the files. Once synchronized, you can add the specific folder from your computer as a Favorite.

Q: How can I quickly access to a deeply located local folder in CARMIS?
You shall first navigate to the deeply located folder in your Windows Explorer. Then copy the folder's navigation path from Explorer, paste it into the CARMIS File Selection window's navigation path field, and press Enter.
You have the option to add this path to your Favorites for easier access in the future.

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