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How to add/view a rent assessment

The Rent Assessment form calculates a rent amount based on the tenants' income and automatically applies that rent amount monthly. This guide is only applicable to agencies that make use of rent assessments.
  • If your agency's workflow does not use rent assessments, this may be unavailable to you.
  • A client profile should exist for the client you would like to add a rent assessment for.

Adding a Rent Assessment

Step 1: The first step will be to find the client you would like to apply the rent assessment to.

Step 2: Once you are viewing the client's profile, you will notice a row of buttons at the bottom.

Click on the "Create Rent Assessment" button.
Step 3: The Rent Assessment form will open.
  • If this is a new client, you will see a "No Records Found" message. Click OK.
  • If the client has past rent assessments, then a popup will appear to allow you to select which assessment to open. Select one of the assessments by double clicking.
Step 4: At this point, you may either see a blank form if the client has no previous rent assessments, or you may see of of the client's rent assessments.

In either case, click Add from the toolbar to add a new rent assessment.
Step 5: The form will now enter Add mode and you can begin entering information about the assessment.

Please note the following fields:
  1. Rent Start Date - The date that CARMIS will begin applying automatic rent dues (the first month is prorated, and afterwards rent is applied on the first day of each month).
  2. Assessment Date - The date this assessment took place. This is used to calculate the due date of the next annual assessment.
  3. Assessment Type - Initial/Annual are for big updates and affect the next assessment date. Special is for small updates that will not affect the next annual assessment date.
    • If this is the client's first rent assessment, select Initial.
  4. Tenants/Income - Enter one row per income source. If a tenant has two jobs, then there would be one row per job.
    • For administrators: The income options and rent calculation can be set from the Admin > Masters > Employment Status (523) form
Step 6: Once all of the mandatory information has been entered, click Save.

Viewing a Rent Assessment

Rent assessments can be viewed through two methods.

  1. Via Client Profiles
    1. This would be done using the first 3 steps from above.
  2. Via Rooms Dashboard
    1. Go to Rooms Manager > Rooms Dashboard from the top menu.
    2. Once on the Rooms Dashboard, you will see a table with one row per room. Locate the row of the tenant who you want to view the rent assessment of.
    3. On the right side of the row there will be a button under the "Assess" column. Click on the Assess button.
    4. The rent assessment for the client will open. If multiple rent assessments exist, then you will be provided the option to select one of them from a list.
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