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Introduction to filters in tables and grids

Filters can be used in any area of CARMIS where tables are displayed. Filters can be applied in the first blank row below the column headers of a table.
  • Find a form or report with a table of records
Step 1: At the top of any table, you will see a row of blank cells. Click on the top blank cell in the column you would like to filter by.

Step 2: You can now begin adding your filter. There are three types of filters that can be applied:

  1. Basic Text Filter: This can be used for quickly finding records.
  1. Selection Filter: This provides more utility than a basic filter. The checkbox options shown will change depending on which records are contained in the table.
  1. Advanced Filter: This provides the most utility. This can be useful when generating reports or filtering number fields, such as age.
If filtering for dates, dates are written in day/month/year format (e.g. 31/12/1999).
Step 3 (Optional): If desired, multiple filters can be combined.
Step 4 (Optional): If desired, you can pin rows/columns to keep track of them. Note that some tables do not have pins.
Step 5: Once you are finished with filtering, you can clear your filter criteria to view all records again.

There are three buttons provided to assist in this:
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